Ever since my artistic work is investigating identity and power systems. I’m trying to break trough the
surface of what appears to capture the complexity of continuously changing
identities and their relation to power systems in contemporary societies. My artworks are questioning the stability of identities and aim to build up dispositives, which give the public the chance to discover in which way and to which extend they are connected to power systems, although they might think they are free from it.
In one of my first works, “Cecchini/Scharfschützen” [2006] I investigated common
traces of local identities of my home-region, the north-italian South-Tirol. Working
with the collective Codice Ivan I investigated identity in relation to what Guy Debord
would define the “Society of the Spectacle” and the need to go beyond appearance
to find something deeper (performance “Pink, Me and the Roses” [2009]), in relation
to the notion of happiness (GMGS_What the hell is happiness [2011]) and in relation
to death and life (“Muori” [2013]).
My recent video “Aderlass/Salasso” [2014] is an action, which frees mother and son
from identification with male violence.
Between 2013 and 2015 I was working on a long-term project called “The Casting”.
It is an investigation of the political implication of the seek for beauty. Tthis research
produced several staged portraits in the form of performances of amateur-actors.
“i (to be defined)” (2016) is my last performance and is the reconstruction of my own
identity through the eyes of people who I’ve interviewed during two years. The
Performance got following recognitions:
– WINNER of the NORDIC FRINGE AWARD || Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2017
Stockholm Fringe Festival 2017
Stockholm Fringe Festival 2017